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Tropical Islands Park

Europe's largest tropical resort

The largest tropical resort in Europe is waiting for you to discover. Book your stay in advance and save good money.
Tropical Islands is Europe's largest tropical holiday destination.
Here you can forget everyday life and find relaxation, action and entertainment for you, your family, your partner and your friends.
The countless attractions and themed worlds leave no one indifferent.
Look forward to the largest water slide tower in Germany, the largest indoor rain world in the world or a 10,000 m2 sauna and wellness landscape.
But there is so much more to discover.
A fascinating world full of exciting discoveries awaits you!
Numerous exciting themed worlds await you. These include the world's largest indoor rainforest with exotic pheasants, flamingos and butterflies, as well as enchanting indoor and outdoor water worlds and authentic architecture from Bali and Thailand. South Sea feeling, fun and adrenaline and action guaranteed.
Tropical islands AMAZONIA

Swimming pool landscape, white-water canal and surf simulator
AMAZONIA, the year-round outdoor area at Tropical Islands: 35,000 square meters, numerous water attractions, extensive sunbathing and sports areas, and wellness, sports and recreation facilities for the whole family.
In addition to the bathing area, the main attractions are the white-water river, Germany's longest white-water canal, and Pororoka, a surf simulator.
Relaxation and adrenaline: palm trees, beach and unique water world
Relax on the 200-meter beach and let your feet sink into the sand - paradise is practically on your doorstep. In our tropical waters, wanderlust is a thing of the past. Our South Seas are the size of three Olympic-sized swimming pools. The lagoon with the Gibraltar rocks, a grotto and a waterfall will immerse you in a mystical atmosphere. Not to forget our water slide tower, which is the highest in Germany with 27 meters and higher than the Brandenburg Gate!

Magic lagoon

Pure magic in the lagoon
Have you always dreamed of a tropical vacation? Beach, sand and palm trees... and all that close by? In our magical lagoon your dream will come true. Surrounded by rocks, Balinese huts, the Kulkut watchtower and the typical "monkey rock", you'll be completely immersed in the tropical world. Thanks to the mystical grotto with a stunning waterfall, you can feel the breathtaking atmosphere of a real jungle.
A lazy river
волшебная лагуна аквапарк в германии
Reade set Go!

The 27-meter high water slide tower at Tropical Islands is a sensation for all ages! Four different slides await you, from the leisurely family slide with tire slide to the turbo slide, which has already reached speeds of up to 70 km/h!
The Blue Slide is the highest water slide in Germany and provides an exciting adrenaline rush thanks to the overload! But don't worry if this activity is too fast for you, the water slide tower also offers other, more leisurely rides. Plus, the traffic lights indicate when you can start sliding, so you can be sure that the lane is really free.
More comfortable, on the other hand, is the tire slide, which offers kid-friendly fun for younger guests as they slide down the large tires... Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: the water slides at Tropical Islands are fun for all ages!
... Diving in the South Pacific

The sun beds are already waiting! Relax on the 200 meter long sandy beach of the South Pacific and dive into the azure blue water world. No pool in Berlin is so tropical.
On our sandy beach the most beautiful sand castles have already been built under the palm trees and on the horizon the mysterious “Princess Moanna” appears - a boat for children, ready for an adventure trip, slides and fun. So set sail and full speed ahead!
Tropical Islands' South Sea is the size of three Olympic-sized swimming pools and has a water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. When the sky is clear, the sun here provides a natural tan, so don't forget the sunscreen!
Тихий океан в Германии
Magical water worlds await you on the Tropical Islands: a lagoon with a grotto and waterfall, as well as the South Pacific with its 200-meter sandy beach.
The action on various fast descents is guaranteed by the tallest water slide tower in Germany.
Discover the rainforest

Embark on an exciting expedition through the largest indoor rainforest in the world, home to approximately 50,000 plants and 600 different plant species.
Turtles, dragon fish, and flamingos or pheasants are also among the tropical island inhabitants frolicking in the mangrove swamps.
Тропический лес в Германии
The Tropical Village is a unique collection of authentic traditional buildings.
The tropical village impresses not only with the large number of authentic buildings from distant countries, which have been traditionally rebuilt. This is also where most of the Tropical Islands' gastronomic offer is located.
Тропическая деревня в Германии
Borneo Longhouse

Typical longhouses on the island of Borneo are up to 100 meters long. Here the whole village lives under one roof. And as families get larger, you can easily expand the longhouse.
Longhouses usually stand near rushing rivers and are therefore on stilts. An open porch runs the entire length of the house. Behind it are the private living quarters of individual families.
A Borneo longhouse in the Tropical Islands is built in the Orang Ulu style. The Orang Ulu Indians are artists among the indigenous people of Borneo. Their longhouses are decorated with carvings and paintings, and their tools are decorated with fine beadwork.
The house was built with the help of the Sarawak Tourism Board and is a replica of the longhouse in the historical cultural village in Kuching.
Длинный дом в Борнео
Cinema at Wayang Stage

Framed by original structures from some of the world's most beautiful tropical regions, Wayang Stage is located in the center of a tropical village.

Wayang means "show" in Malaysian. Every village has a wayang for culture, dance and fun.

You can rent the Wayang stage and front area for private or corporate events - find out more in our MICE area!
We also show selected live Champions League matches and children's TV programs on the large LED screen.
opening hours
from 12:00 to 23:00
Кинотеатр ваквапарке в Германии

Europe's largest tropical resort is open 24 hours a day for overnight guests, including all public holidays. However, opening times for individual attractions may vary.
Plan your stay to make your visit unforgettable!

🗺️ Tropical-Islands-Allee 1, 15910 Krausnick
📲 +49 (35477) 605050

Managing Directors: Torsten Christopher Jung, Hans Axel Pedersen, Enrique Weikert Molina, Juan José Lopez Taracena Number

commercial register: HRB 6984 CB

at the Cottbus District Court

Tax identification number: DE 222 393 077
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