Sole-Therme in Bad Harzburg - a world of adventure - 🔼 Thermal spas in Germany 2023

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Sole-Therme in Bad Harzburg - a world of adventure

During the winter months, the salt thermal bath is open with a great world of adventure in the sauna and massage room. The temperature does not change! Energy saving goals are achieved through smart restrictions that have little impact on guest comfort.
  • Indoor pool 31 °C
  • Jacuzzi 32 °C
  • 2 outdoor pools with flow channel and massage jets
Sauna world

In the salt grotto, the “white gold” gabbro is felt directly on the skin at a temperature of about 60 °C.
Other offers of the complex:

  • Large gym
  • Quiet and lying places inside and outside
  • Beauty salon Biomaris
  • Massages, fango, pedicure
  • Bistro
Reviews of the thermal baths Sole - Therme

A very good place to relax, swim and relax! The price is excellent and so is the time of stay! Very suitable for holidays with children of any age. Salt in water has a rejuvenating and relaxing effect. The lungs are simply cleansed and renewed.

2 swimming pools with salty healing water, one on the street, saunas, treatment programs, comfortable locker rooms.

Very conveniently located right on the main road leading to Torfhaus. In addition to the seawater pool, there are massages, a sauna and yoga classes. There is a large swimming pool, a jacuzzi and two outdoor pools. One of them has a flow channel. There is also an infrared camera and several Kneipp healing pools.

This is a very nice thermal bath, of course there are a lot of pensioners there and you have to be a little careful about that, it is also not a leisure pool, which many people forget about. The view from the outdoor pool alone is stunning, of the cable car 🚡 and the mountains. We were there with our 7 year old daughter and she loved it too, we were also allowed to borrow some swim noodles. Once you know where everything is (showers, changing rooms), it's not a problem. The staff were very friendly, worth a visit

The staff are nice and very friendly. There is nothing to criticize there. My wife and I booked a Harmony Day which includes a 30 minute massage. Cost for 2 people €94 Looking back we thought it was overpriced. The thermal bath is confusing. You wandered through the corridors, the signs were confusing. Should be better described using waypoints such as arrows for example. Was annoying. You could see where a lot of things have been updated. This is not meant in a positive way. For example, in showers. New tiles that blend in with the old tiles, just like they did 60 years ago 🤔 If you renovate, do it properly. Many things are not thought through. For example, there is no storage space in the showers 🤷🏼‍♂️ The layout of the saunas... One is secluded, the others are hidden.. Also very cool 😂😂👌 Put a dining area next to the sauna.. You lie in the sauna, you want to relax and listen to the chatter of pensioners. Really very good planning 👌 topic of pensioners. 98% old crowd. The Harz is now overrun by retirees, which is reflected in the thermal baths. Nothing against pensioners, for God's sake. But they block everything... they lie for hours in pools where there are bubble jets. lies and so on. Of course they look at you strangely when you speak. I wouldn't even go there with children. Firstly, this is not for a family holiday, and secondly, some people find it unpleasant when children are around. All old-born. My wife also thought it was funny how the builders looked into the saunas from the outside. Or watch someone change clothes. We don't mind. But it may be inconvenient for some. The open area didn't appeal to us either. Looks better in the pictures. Besides, there's no real way to relax outside. You have to be careful if you want to switch from the internal to the external area. The staircase to the street has its pitfalls. And also what is not thought out. There are stairs indicated outside, but not inside 🤔 Logical... 😂 You go outside first..🙄 It was an experience for us again. That we will no longer rely on short Google reviews. We will visit Sole Therme Bad Harzburg again after 25 years. Then we will be in old age and fit into the picture.
Sole-Therme on the map and how to get

🗺️  Nordhäuser Str. 2, 38667 Bad Harzburg
📲  05322 75360
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