Panorama Therme - thermal baths with panoramic view in Beuren - 🔼 Thermal spas in Germany 2023

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Panorama Therme - thermal baths with panoramic view in Beuren

Panorama Therme is an oasis of wellness that can be considered one of the most beautiful thermal baths in southern Germany.
In addition to a 1000 square meter pool with seven thermal water pools of different temperatures and one cold water pool (from 24 to 40 degrees), the spacious complex has a steam bath area, a thermal grotto, which offers many different uses and is unique in this form, as well as a magnificent sauna.
Bathing in warm thermal mineral water with refreshing spring water is just one of many options at the modern health and wellness oasis Panorama Therme Beuren. In a total of seven thermal water pools you can enjoy the beneficial effects of warm water from 28 to 40 degrees. Another pool offers cold water at 24 degrees. Three indoor and four outdoor pools offer a suitable range of water to suit every taste.
The water depth in all pools is 1.35 m.
Panorama Therme - фото
In the large active pool (33 degrees), water aerobics is offered every hour from 10:00 to 18:00 (except 12:00). Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 (except 12:00). On Sundays and public holidays, water aerobics is held at 10:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00.
Six jets are distributed along the edge of the pool, which massage individual areas of your body in different conditions. We recommend keeping a distance of 30 cm from the nozzles. If the stream is interrupted, you will be asked to switch to the next stream.
The offer is completed by a gymnasium with various facilities, which is located on the right edge of the pool in front of the gateway to the infinity pool. There you can stretch and relax. There are also three neck showers.
From 11:15 to 12:00, from 14:15 to 15:00, from 17:15 to 18:00 and from 20:00 to 21:00 there is a popular aqua relaxation. With the help of foam snakes called pool noodles, which are provided to you free of charge, you can glide around the active pool with a feeling of weightlessness while listening to relaxing music.
After dark, the active pool is immersed in an atmospheric, almost mystical colored light, which is also reflected on the ceiling.
Panorama Therme - аквааэробика
Wilhelm's pool
The warmest indoor swimming pool in Wilhelmsbecken (36 degrees) has massage jets on all sides, which are attached at different heights and thus offer the possibility of a massage from the soles of the feet to the top of the head.
You can truly relax in the soothing thermal mineral water of Wilhelmsquelle.
Panorama Therme - бассейн Вильгельма
As the name suggests, this pool is filled with water from Friedrichsquelle. It offers a temperature of 34 degrees. Scheduled group classes and individual physical therapy sessions are offered at certain times on weekdays.
The rest of the time, access to the pool is free. A special highlight is the pearl effect, which turns on for 30 minutes per hour.
Panorama Therme
Four outdoor swimming pools are at your disposal all year round:

The panoramic pool (34 degrees) is connected to the active pool through a gateway. There are five different massage jets attached to the edge of the pool, the effect of which you can enjoy while admiring the untouched nature around the Panorama thermal complex. From the infinity pool you can access the cold water outdoor area and the cold plunge pool.
The smallest outdoor pool with an area of 45 square meters is a cold water pool filled with drinking water at a temperature of 24 degrees (temperature 20 degrees for energy reasons). It is used to cool the whole body, for short swimming movements after visiting thermal pools or simply as a counterbalance to warm pools, so it is also popular in summer. The bottom bubbler also provides better cooling.
The current pool, with a temperature of 32 degrees in winter and 28 degrees in summer, is the largest outdoor pool and has many attractions. It bubbles vigorously on eight lounge chairs and in a bubble pot. Rising air bubbles provide a light massage effect. The flow channel also provides variety every hour.
The warmest pool is a spring pot with a temperature of 40 degrees. With a water depth of 80 cm, this is a purely sitting pool. Depending on your physical condition, you should not stay in it for more than five minutes as your circulation is strained. Then take a break to cool down and relax (with your feet up).
Panorama Therme
The Thermarium is just one of several steam baths in the thermal area, which are included in the basic admission price and require a bathing suit and seat towel. You are offered alternately a fever bath (40 degrees) and a steam bath (50 degrees and 100% humidity). At 20 and 50 minutes of the first hour, a small infusion is made at the “altar”. In a matter of seconds, the room is filled with saturated steam through the outlet. This ceremony is accompanied by special lighting effects. Benches and backrests are heated in a room decorated with natural stone.

Next door is the caldarium, which operates all day at 48 degrees and steam (100% humidity). The steam bath is disinfected several times a day, which means that the steam supply is turned off and entry is not possible.

Wearing non-slip swim shoes in both areas is recommended.
Another bathhouse is located in the thermal grotto:
In the Fog Cave, stalagmites and stalactites offer a cave scenario that is almost the same as a real stalactite cave. A room temperature of 45 degrees offers a gentle way to toughen the body. Twice an hour, the steam intensifies in the room, and the intense steam escaping from the rock in the center of the room turns the cave into a foggy landscape with 50-degree temperatures and 100 percent humidity.

The design of the thermal grotto was modeled after the typical cave landscape of the Swabian Jura.
Here you can use the optional Nebelhöhle steam bath, a warming tunnel with a total area of 520 square meters, with a color light bath and a salt tunnel in which brine is sprayed. The Thermal Tunnel offers a typical tunnel experience in which the use of mirrors positioned differently relative to each other creates the vision of an endless tunnel passage. A warming tunnel with a temperature of 60 degrees, a relative humidity of about 34% and a color light bath that always automatically turns on within an hour should help you truly relax with a comfortable temperature and a calming effect of interaction. spectral colors. Dry heat is an alternative to warm, humid steam baths.
The internal climate in the salt mine is cooler, around 32 degrees. By spraying a 5% brine from a mixture of sea salt and salt containing iodine, a salt mixture is created in the air of the room, the effect of which is even more effective than a walk by the sea (humidity 85-90%). Thanks to the use of the best medicinal salts, the beneficial effects of salt baths and fresh sea air are brought to Beuren to create an offer that has a positive effect on the respiratory tract.

In the grotto of shower adventures you will find many different and also new water sensations. There is no shower for cleaning. You can rather h. B. Place under a waterfall, cold fragrant drizzle or warm fragrant rain. Two cold Kneipp hoses, a fine cold mist or warm side jets from the rock, two waterfall showers (warm and cold) and two regular showers provide variety.

Sitting groups under the stalactites in the spring cave invite you to linger. The stream gurgles quietly.
You can relax in the garden with gazebo overlooking the outdoor pool. At the same time, it is the starting point for other relaxation rooms: a sunny meadow and a starry sky. The solar meadow offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun's soft UV-A and infrared rays all year round. The starry sky relaxation area with heated and relaxing lounge chairs transports visitors to a universe with different constellations and shooting stars. This is provided by 1700 points of light on the ceiling.
To take advantage of all the offerings of the thermal grotto, you need a robe, a bath towel that fits your body, and suitable swimming shoes. The Thermal Grotto Adventure Zone is already included in the basic admission price.
Panorama Therme
Several relaxation rooms and areas, such as the thermal garden, primitive relaxation room, starry sky or garden with gazebo, ensure that you can relax before, between or after a swim or steam bath
Panorama Therme - комната отдыха
In the warm season, the lawn with an area of more than 3,000 m² is conducive to relaxation. There are more than 100 sun loungers and umbrellas waiting for you.
You can do something good for your feet while barefoot. Various materials provide foot massage over a distance of more than 50 meters.
A Kneipp basin, hand chute, Kneipp shower and crushed ice complete the offer.
Panorama Therme - отдых у бассейна на улице
About water in thermal baths.

upper shell limestone and Lettenkeuper, 755 m, fluoride-containing sodium-calcium-chloride-sulfate-bicarbonate-thermal Sauerling, 48.3 °C, transparent and colorless, pH value 6.2.
Rätsandstein, 381.5 m, thermal water with sodium bicarbonate, 38.5°C, clear and colorless, pH 8.0.
Medical advertising:
rheumatic diseases of large and small joints, including muscular rheumatism
Signs of wear and tear, such as arthritic changes in the spine and increased stiffness in large joints.
peripheral circulatory disorders
Sciatica and other neuromuscular disorders

all acute inflammatory processes
acute articular rheumatism
also fresh inflammatory rheumatic outbreaks
severe diseases of the heart and circulatory system, especially uncompensated
malignant processes and cachexia

Children aged 6 to 16 years can only use the thermal baths and sauna if accompanied by an adult. Children under 6 years old are not allowed. Therefore, please prepare proof of your child's age at the thermal resort ticket office (e.g. child's ID card, health insurance card, vaccination certificate, etc.).
Operating mode:

daily (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays) from 9:00 to 22:00.
daily from 11:00 to 22:00, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00.
If the number of visitors has increased, there may be wait times and entry stops. Sauna tickets may sell out.
The ticket office closes one hour before the thermal baths close.
Swimming and sauna hours end 15 minutes before the thermal baths close.
Panorama Therme

Thermal baths and steam baths (weekdays)

Ticket for 2.5 hours one way: 15.00 euros
2.5 hours for people with severe disabilities: 14.00 euros
One day ticket: 25.00 euros.
One-day ticket for persons with severe disabilities: 24.00 euros.
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, entry to the thermal baths or sauna costs 1 euro more.

Thermal baths and steam baths (Saturday, Sunday, holidays)

Ticket for 2.5 hours one way: 16.00 euros
2.5 hours for people with severe disabilities: 15.00 euros
One day ticket: 26.00 euros.
One-day ticket for persons with severe disabilities: EUR 25.00.
More information about this and our cost ranges can also be found here under the Special Rates menu item.
Additional payment option if bathing time is exceeded for every 30 minutes or part thereof, 1.00 euros.

Panoramic sauna with thermal and steam baths (weekdays)
Relaxation room with fireplace in the sauna
Finnish sauna
Ticket for 3.0 hours one way: 22.00 euros
3.0 hours for people with severe disabilities: 21.00 euros.
One day ticket: 32.00 euros.
One-day ticket for persons with severe disabilities: EUR 31.00.
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, entry to the thermal baths or sauna costs 1 euro more.
Persons with severe disabilities whose valid ID shows a disability of at least 50% receive a discount of EUR 1.00 on the general admission price. If there is a “B” mark on the identity card, the accompanying person receives an identical entry free of charge.
Panoramic sauna with thermal and steam baths (Saturday, Sunday, public holidays)
Ticket for 3.0 hours one way: 23.00 euros
3.0 hours with severe disabilities: 22.00 euros
One day ticket: 33.00 euros.
One-day ticket for persons with severe disabilities: 32.00 euros.
Additional payment option, if the length of stay is exceeded, 1.00 euros per half hour or part thereof. Entrance to the sauna can also be paid directly on site. In this case, a sauna fee of EUR 7.00 will be debited from your transponder bracelet when passing through the sauna turnstile.
Important information (status: 09/02/2022)
Persons with severe disabilities receive a €1.00 discount on the applicable individual rate (excluding special rates) upon presentation of a valid ID card for severe disabilities (minimum 50%). If there is a “B” mark on the identity card, the accompanying person receives an identical entry free of charge.
Children and young people: The Panorama Therme Beuren is a spa centre. We do not have facilities for children. Therefore, children are only allowed access from the age of 6 years. Therefore, please prepare a document confirming the child's age at the thermal resort ticket office (for example, a child's ID card, health insurance card, vaccination card, etc.).

Children aged 6 to 16 years are admitted only if accompanied by an adult.

Panorama Therme is a partner of the all-inclusive guest card AlbCard and offers you free entry for 2.5 hours to the thermal baths and steam baths upon presentation of the AlbCard at the thermal baths ticket office.
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Panoramic thermal baths in Beuren on the map and directions

🗺️  Panorama Therme Am Thermalbad 5, 72660 Beuren
📲  07025 91050-0
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