Havel-Therme - thermal world with outdoor area - 🔼 Thermal spas in Germany 2023

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Havel-Therme - thermal world with outdoor area

Thermal baths.

In the area of thermal baths you will find a diverse world of relaxation inspired by the thousand-year-old magic of Mediterranean and Oriental cultures. Warm salt water fills the indoor and outdoor pools and you can relax on the many water attractions. If you like a more active holiday, as a guest of the thermal spa, you can go to the family pool at any time to swim a few distances or experience a quick slide down the water slides.
If needed, you can borrow our cozy bathrobe, towels and slippers from the lobby.
A large outdoor area is open at any time of the year!
Swim seamlessly from the indoor area and discover the warm outdoor pool with plenty of water activities and out-of-water comfort.
Near the pool there is a bar with cocktails and refreshing drinks.
The curved counter made of Italian granite harmonizes with the round shape of the pool in the thermal world.
The large indoor pool of the thermal complex with relaxing massage jets is the heart of
this paradise. In a Mediterranean atmosphere, you can relax in the warm water or out of the water on comfortable sun loungers under the palm trees. Water temperature: 34° C Water depth: 1.30 m Area: 65 m²
Outdoor swimming

Water temperature: 34° C Water depth: 1.30 m Area: 235 m²

Whether it rains or shines, and whatever the season, the large outdoor thermal pool will be the highlight of your short vacation. Float through the automatic doors from the inside into a pool as warm as your body and filled with brine, where even winter outside temperatures can't hurt you. You float almost weightlessly in the channel of the current and can let your gaze wander into the sky. Or you can enjoy the invigorating power of the water on one of the jacuzzi benches and under the neck shower.
If you want to restore blood circulation and improve circulation, you can swim in the Kneipp pool on the sun terrace and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

🗺️ Zum Großen Zernsee 15 14542 Werder (Havel)
🌐 havel-therme.de
📲 03327/72 492-0
daily 09.00 - 24.00
Fri and Sat 09.00 - 01.00
Family pool 09.00 - 21.00
Wednesday from 7:00 am swimming in the sports pool
📧 info@havel-therme.de

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