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The best therms and spas in Germany on the map, select the most convenient complex, allowing you to build a route and see the description, photos and reviews of each place.
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All outdoor pools and thermal baths in Germany
  • What are thermal pools?
Thermal pools are pools that are filled with water that has been heated naturally by underground sources. The water in thermal pools is often rich in minerals, which can have health benefits.

  • Where can I find thermal pools in Germany?
There are thermal pools all over Germany, but some of the most popular locations include: * Baden-Baden: This spa town in the Black Forest is home to several thermal baths, including the Caracalla Therme and the Friedrichsbad. * Bad Wörishofen: This town in Bavaria is known for its healing springs, and is home to the Kneippkurhaus, a thermal bath complex that offers a variety of treatments. * Bad Salzuflen: This town in North Rhine-Westphalia is home to the Arminius Therme, a thermal bath complex with indoor and outdoor pools. * Bad Nauheim: This town in Hesse is home to the Kaiserhof Therme, a thermal bath complex with a variety of saunas and steam rooms.

  • What are the benefits of visiting a thermal pool?
The benefits of visiting a thermal pool can vary depending on the specific pool, but some of the most common benefits include: * Relaxation: The warm water in thermal pools can help to relax muscles and relieve stress. * Pain relief: The minerals in thermal water can help to reduce pain, especially in joints and muscles. * Improved circulation: The warm water can help to improve circulation and blood flow. * Skin health: The minerals in thermal water can help to improve skin health and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. * Respiratory health: The steam from thermal pools can help to clear the airways and relieve respiratory problems.

  • What should I expect when visiting a thermal pool?
When visiting a thermal pool, you should expect to: * Pay an entrance fee. * Shower before entering the pool. * Wear a swimsuit. * Follow the pool's rules and regulations.

  • What are some tips for visiting a thermal pool?
Here are some tips for visiting a thermal pool:
* Go early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds.
* Bring a towel and a bathing suit.
* Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your visit.
* Take breaks if you start to feel tired or lightheaded. is a website dedicated to thermal spas in Germany. Here you can find information about the most popular thermal baths, but also about places that are perhaps less known, but no less attractive.

On the website you can learn about different types of thermal spas, such as spas with mineral springs, spas and saunas. You can also find information about what services are offered in each spa and what to do in the area.

In addition, the website provides information about various promotions and special offers that can be offered in the thermal spas.
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